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6 Tips For Delivering A Multi-channel Approach

The Multi-Channel Approach

Multi-channel marketing, also know as Intergrated Marketing involves interacting with customers across various platforms, both online and offline.  This approach can be used as part of a campaign to connect with customers via multiple touch points with consistent communication designed to encourage them through the sales cycle.

These channels include new mediums like social media, email and websites, as well as traditional ones like print media, radio and television.

The channels any business utilise will be specific to their situation.  Here are some key channels to focus your efforts.

- Website

- Social Media

- Blog

- Paid Search

- Radio

- Catalog / Print Advertising

- Email

- Physical Location

Multichannel -Marketing


Understanding the customer journey

Understanding the points of contact customers follow in their search for a product or service is key to making sure the stages along the journey act together to support the customer to the ultimate conversion.


Tips for successful multi-channel marketing


1. Have a clear goal in mind

Whether the goal is to increase brand exposure, retain customers or generate leads having a clear goal will help to ensure all channels are communicating the same message at each stage.


2. Know your target audience

An effective multichannel approach requires a solid understanding of who you are trying to connect with.  Defining the characteristics of your audience will help to determine amongst other things, what content they are interested in, how they consume content (social media, print media etc.) and what unique needs do they have.


3. Communicate your message

Using your understanding of your target audience distribute your communications via the relevant channels.  Maintain consistent messaging that support your end goal across the multiple channels but that considers the best way to use it.

Keep in mind the unique characteristics of your chosen social media channels and how your website can support your customers seeking more information from online or print advertising. 


4. Promote across various channels

Different sections of your customer base will prefer and interact with certain channels.  Actively cross promoting your various channels gives the customer choice over how they consume your message as well as how they choose to interact with the brand.

Be sure to communicate all relevant contact channels from phone, email and physical address to social media accounts, website and blogs.  Create connections between campaign’s online and offline by linking any physical promotion with online efforts and vice versa. 


5.. Ensure all team members are on the same page

Communicate your campaign plans to sales and customer service teams to ensure all team members are working from a consistent plan.


6. Measure, experiment and refine

Put in place regular reporting to measure response to campaigns.  Be prepared to experiment with different approaches retaining efforts that receive positive responses and discontinuing those that don't.