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5 Tips For Outstanding Twitter Ads

Twitter recently changed the way Promoted Tweets look to make them appear more native within the Twitter Feed.   This move follows the lead of other social advertising platforms Facebook and Pinterest that design their main advertising to appear with the News Feed like a normal post or pin. 

Given this update I thought it would be useful to cover the key steps in creating a Twitter Ad campaign and provide some tips for creating outstanding ads.


Twitter Promoted Tweets Go Native 

Twitter introduced promoted tweets in 2010 as a way for advertisers to promote their tweets to a wider audience.  

Up until now promoted tweets were marked with the following icon:

Promoted _icon _0  

With the Twitter’s update this icon has been removed and will now appear simply with the words "Promoted by .... " in grey as pictured below.

Twitter -promoted -new


Creating A Twitter Ad

1. Log In At 


Select your objective from the “Create New Campaign” drop down menu.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 At 4.03.44 Pm


Followers: Building your Twitter followers

Website Clicks: Send people to your website or sign up form

Tweet Engagements: IncreaseTweet engagement rates.

App Installs:  Promote your App available for download

Leads On Twitter: Collect information who express interest in your offer

Custom: Create a custom campaign using old Promoted Tweet form


Choosing the right campaign style will ensure you optimise your spend towards achieving your main objective.


From here you have 2 options for what you advertise:

Promote Tweets: This method will promote up to 3 existing tweets, similiar to the way you can boost posts on Facebook.

Compose Tweet: This method allows you to create a Promoted Tweet from scratch.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 At 3.15.39 Pm


2. Targeting and Pricing

With Twitter Ads, your chosen target audience will determine your cost for bidding to reach that audience.  Your targeting options include, location, interests and keywords.   

You can allow target followers of a particular user as well as people with interests similiar to a users followers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 At 3.34.35 Pm 

3. Set It Live

Once you've set a campaign schedule and budget you're good to go.  

Be sure to look at the Twitter Ads dashboard to track campaigns and improve details to optimise results.   

Tips for Creating Top Twitter Campaigns


1. Use tailored audiences

Twitter ads allows you to create tailored audiences from data like email addresses or website browsing activity.  

This method can help to focus your targeting to existing customers or people who have expressed interest in your company by visiting your website. 

CRM_approach _targeting _audience


2. Website Tag for Conversion Tracking

Similiar to the pixel code used for Facebook web conversions the website tag for Twitter registers conversions that come from your promoted tweets. 

This function has been recently improved to register conversions for transaction values and other key conversions.

Implementing this website tag will provide information about your returnon advertising expense.


3. Experiement With Different Tweets 

Test multiple Tweets to find the best performing setup.  Using the Ads dashboard to analyse the success of your campaigns based on your specific objective.

Assess what is working and what is not and modify accordingly. 


4. Target Followers Of Relevant Accounts 

Username targeting enables you to connect with an audience that follows a particular account.  By choosing relevant accounts to target your campaigns can be delivered to a receptive audience.  

These accounts could be:

- Competitors who share a similiar audience

- Accounts of industry influencers.

- Key media accounts in your industry.


5. Make Sure Your Landing Page Is Mobile Firendly

Twitter is a mobile centric platform, their recent Q1 results showed that 80% of their users access it from mobile.  This means that any link you add to your ad must be mobile friendly to optimise it potential for conversions.

Google's mobile friendly test is a great place to check if your landing page is mobile friendly.


Twitter Ads have developed a variety of ways marketers can deliver on specific objectives in a way that is measurable and if optimised, be incredible cost effective.