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Weekly Digital Wrap: 7th April 2015

This week's digital wrap includes, 'Riff' a new video App from Facebook, 'Curator', Twitter's new content discovery platform and new Cards for YouTube.  


Facebook launches Riff: 

Facebook this week introduced Riff, a creative way friends can collaborate using video.  

Riff works like this:

"Anyone can start by creating a video. All you have to do is give it a topic, like #AprilFools, then your friends can view it and choose to add their own clips on that topic. Once a friend adds a clip to your video, your friend’s friends will also be shown the video in Riff and will be able to add to it. The potential pool of creative collaborators can grow exponentially from there, so a short video can become an inventive project between circles of friends that you can share to Facebook, or anywhere on the internet, at any time."

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Twitter Introduces Curator

Twitter has developed 'Curator' a great way to find new and display great Twitter content.  The platform allows media publishers to source and distribute content tailored to their audience.

Users of Curator will be able to use detailed keyword and hashtag searches to discover streams of high quality tweets.  These tweets can then be refined by location, follower count and more.

At this stage Curator is only available to media publishers, to request access visit here



Pinterest improves it's Pinning

Pinterest has made it easier to Pin anything you want for later.  


YouTube launches Card for more fan interaction

YouTube has enabled the use of Cards to help users encourage engagement with their fans.  The six current Cards available are Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding.  The Cards are designed to be "an evolution of annotations. They can inform your viewers about other videos, merch, playlists, websites and more. They look as beautiful as your videos, are available anytime during the video and yes, they finally work on mobile."

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