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Weekly Digital Wrap: 2nd March 2015

This week's digital wrap includes the new Facebook Ad Manager App, new Twitter safety updates and our App of the Week for Google Analytics. 

Facebook Mobile Ad Manager

With the increased use of moble Facebook has developed the Ad Manager App to enable busoness owners and marketers to easily access to their advert managaer panel.  The app will make it possible for users to:

- Track ad performace

- Edit existing ads

- Edit ad budgets and schedules

- Receive push notifications

- Create Ads

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Value of Facebook's viewed impressions explained

Meanwhile Facebook has given an insight into how viewed impressions are delivering value to the advertiser.  Viewed impressions as common sense would suggest are ads that are not only served to the Facebook platform but are viewed by users.  By confiming that users are charged for only viewed impressions, advertisers can be confident in the fair value in their spend.


Facebook Safety 

Facebook has announced it is including new functions to help "provide more resources, advice and support to people who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and their concerned friends and family members."



Google Analytics introduces Instant Activation for Remarketing

Google has launched Instant Activation for easy setup for remarketing.  Based on it's data that only 1 in 5 users complete the setup process, they have simplified into 4 easy steps to begin remarketing.


Twitter updates safety features

Following several safety feature updates in December, Twitter is introducing a fresh round of updates to improve the safety of it's users.  Those updates include, "reporting other content issues including impersonation, self-harm and the sharing of private and confidential information."  


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APP: Google Analytics

And following on from last week's post about Google Analytics, here's the App you'll need to keep an eye on your key metrics on the go.

From the Google Play Store or for iOS on iTunes

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