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Weekly Digital Wrap: 16th March 2015

This week's digital news includes Twitter's new 'Tweet Highlights', Facebook's 'Topic Data' and Meerkat a new live-streaming video app for social sharing.


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Twitter Updates Analytics Homepage 

Twitter has installed a new accounts analytics homepage including more detailed information for tweet highlighs summarized for each month.  New metrics featured are, Top Tweet, Top Mention and Top Follower.  Individual tweets analytics are still available by clicking 'Tweets' at the top navigation bar.


Facebook introduces 'Topic Data'

Facebook is making 'topic data' available to selected partners to help businesses "what people think about topics related to their business".  Topic data will reveal "what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private."

While this information will currently only available to select users in the US and UK, Facebook plans to make topic data available to more users at a later date. 



Meerkat: The Live Streaming App

Meerkat has been in the news of late as a new live video streaming app with a fast growing user base.  However last Firday, Twitter blocked its ability to import social connections from its platform, starving it of its momentum.  

Meerkat is due to feature heavily at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas this week.  Time will tell how much Twitter's restriction will affect Meerkat's ability to capture and maintain a social audience.


Augmentedreality App Augmentedrealityapp2Screen 568x 568 (2)

Blippar - Augmented Reality App

After last week's augmented reality post here's Blippar, the AR app that turns your smart phone screen into a "free magic ‘lens’ to access exclusive content, offers and real-time information from your favourite brands, publishers and retailers."  

TheNextWeb has reported about an upcoming version of Blippar that aims to idenitfy everything around you.


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And Google's Autocomplete turned into GoogleFued game

If you need something to waste a bit of time this week, GoogleFued combines the gameshow Family Fued with Google's Autocomplete function 

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