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Conversion Rate Optimisation: Making The Most Of Website Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO is the process of improving the experience for a visitor to your website with the goal of increasing the percentage of users that convert into customers.

Many businesses focus on increasing their search ranking to get more traffic to their website.  While this an important objective, ensuring your website is providing the optimal experience for the visitor is key to getting them to actually becoming customers.

Creating a flow

Central to CRO is creating an easy path from the visitor's entry point to the point they have fulfilled their need.

Here are the key areas of your website to focus on improving your website's flow:

1. Clear Call-To-Action Buttons: Make sure that the action that you want (and your visitors want) is highlighted and free of clutter.

2. Straightforward Navigation: Again providing a clear path to what your web traffic are after will guide them towards the conversion point.

3. Form, Cart & Checkout Pages: Ensuring these pages don't contain long, complicated forms is key to avoiding dropoff rates.  Take a look at our guide to creating a converting checkout. 

4. Landing Page Optimisation: As the page that generally receives the most traffic it should present a clear path to a visitor's reason for landing on the page. 


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Testing for improvements 

When making adjustments to your website's design testing is essential for registering what improvements have been made.  

This can be done using Google Analytics and other advanced web analytics tools to set up goal conversions and measuring the performance of alterations using A/B Testing.

Goal Conversions can be set up in Google Analytics to track the number of web visitors that reach a certain page, for example an order confirmation page.


A/B Testing is the process of testing two alternative website's designs to two groups of web visitors by splitting your web traffic in half.

While focusing on attracting more traffic to your website is an important tactic, ensuring that traffic has a clear path to their search for a solution will produce a much improved numbers of conversions of existing visitors.