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5 Ways To Use Remarketing To Convert More Customers

With the launch of Google’s new Instant Activation for remarketing it seemed opportune to cover the topic of remarketing. 


What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a process that enables advertisers to retarget people who have visited your website after they have left using Google’s Display Network.  The tactic is often used in the instance where a visitor to a site did not complete a purchase or another defined website conversion like newsletter signup.

Using ‘cookies’ that tracks web users browsing, the visitor is then served display ads relating to the initial website designed to draw them back to complete the advertiser’s desired outcome.  

First thing’s first

With Google’s new Instant Activation process it’s a simple 4-step process to setup your website for remarketing.   

Benefits of remarketing:

Here are some benefits of remarketing to convince you of its effectiveness.

-       It gives you a second chance at closing a sale.

-       Low cost per conversion as you only pay-per-click.

-       Impressions cost nothing but help brand awareness.

-       Connect with customers across devices and platforms.

-       Flexible advertising budget for control of spend. 

5 Ways To Use Remarketing

Once you’ve setup for remarketing, it’s time to look at ways to use it for specific purposes. 

Brand awareness adverts

Using remarketing to broadcast your brand’s existence at the early stages of a customers search for a product or service. 

Google keyword search

Using remarketing to draw in prospective customers based on their keyword searches.  If a person searches for a keyword that you have used in your Adwords campaign, remarketing can display your ads to them during their search.  In this instance below the search words relating to beer has triggered a reoccuring advert from Mac's Brewery for it's new beer.

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In the instance that the customer gets all the way to the checkout phase and drops off, remarketing can be used to create emails that remind them of their cart contents to draw them back to complete the purchase. 

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Social network targeting

In much the same way the Google Display Network can show ads related to a person’s interest in a specific website, Facebook can also remarket with tailored adverts in the News Feed and Right-hand column.    

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 At 11.13.43 Am

Time specific advertising

Remarketing can be used to retarget customers that have visited your website in the lead up to specific events like Mothers Day or Valentines Day.  By creating a custom list of customers that visited your website leading up to these events the previous year you can display ads to them drawing them for a repeat purchase.

Are you interested in using remarketing as a part of your digital strategy?  Get in touch with us to see how we can help.