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5 Tips to Inspire Better Email Subject Lines

Is email one of your key tools for connecting with your customers?  If so you will no doubt want to maximise your email open rates with these quick tips.


1. Ask a question:

Frame the subject line as a question that relates to a solution your recipients are looking to seeking. 

SUBJECT: Are You Using The Best Subject Lines?


2. Subject line length:

Subject lines under 50 characters are found to get better open rates as they are more to the point.  Exceptions can be made when the audience is highly targeted and are after more information in the subject line.

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3. Represent the content:

Sometimes simply stating the contents of the email is the best tactic.  Being direct will help to ensure the recipient’s expectations are met and build on going interaction with your emails.  If you are noticing reduced open rates and less clicks within your emails, review the content of your emails to ensure you are delivering what your audience is interested in. 

SUBJECT: 5 Tips To Improve Your Subject Lines


4. The unexpected subject line:

This is almost an exact opposite of the previous type of subject line.  However an unexpected subject line can stand out in one’s inbox giving a sense of surprise and even amusement.

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5. The announcement subject line:

This type of subject line is particularly useful if you have a special message to communicate to your audience.  Using words like ‘New’ or ‘Introducing’ can help to draw attention to the email.  Reserve this tactic for special announcements to avoid fatigue with your recipients.

SUBJECT:  Introducing our new Dining Out App


Extra Tip: Test Your Subject Lines

Coming up with the best subject lines is a learning process.  Working out what works for your audience is unique and can require some time to perfect.  There are however a number of tools that can help test your subject lines.

A free tool (required email signup) to test your subject line out of 100. 

Litmus Subject Line Checker

This tool shows you how your subject line will appear in a range of different email clients, from Outlook to Blackberry’s.


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