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Getting started with Pinterest

Late last year we wrote a piece to "Get Started On Instagram", covering some basics for creating your business' presence on Instagram.

Continuing on the "Back To Basics" theme we take a look at what to consider when setting up a business account on Pinterest.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network based around the idea of 'Pins' that are used to bookmark images and videos in a personalised online space.  Think of it as users using it as a digital pinboard for saving tidbits for reference later.

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Why should your business be on Pinterest?

While Pinterest is by no means the largest in terms of users it ranks very highly for social web traffic and user engagement.  These areas alone give reason for considering Pinterest as a platform directing current and potential customers to your website.  


Is Pinterest right for your business? 

As with each individual social network the question "Is Pinterest right for our business?" needs to be considered.  Here are some details to help answer this question:

- Are you getting web traffic from Pinterest already? Check your Google Analytics, if so a Business Pinterest account is only going to help add to this.

- Would your business' product suit the image based content needed?

- Do you have a consistent supply of high quality images to maintain freshness? 

The infographic below via Digital Insights provides some great stats to give you an idea of audience you can connect with on Pinterest.

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Getting started

Once you've decided that Pinterest is right for you there are a few basics to get you started.  

1. Update your profile picture, a company logo is best.  The profile picture size should be 165 x 165 pixels.

2. Verify your website: This shows pinners that your account is trustworthy and allows your website URL to be displayed on your profile page. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 At 3.52.59 Pm

Sony's Pinterest business account, notice the red tick next to the URL signifiying a verified account and the board's description.

3. Write a detailed description for your profile page to give a clear idea of what you're about. 

4. Install 'Pin It' and "Follow" buttons on your website as well as a Pinterest profile widget if space allows.

Pinterest -follow -button

Pib -help -profile -widget

5. Install the Pinterest browser button on your personal browser to Pin interesting articles, images and videos.


Best practice

Now you're set to begin pinning, here are some tips for getting the most from your efforts.

1. Use high quality images anything less does your brand a disservice.

2. Taller images are better for mobile viewing.

3, Minimise text on the pin for easy reading on mobile.

4. Concentrate on timeless pin content as Pinterest content has a longer shelf life and will continue to deliver value through web traffic.

5. Link your pins to more information to provide an enriched experience.

6. Create boards around specific themes to give followers a clear idea of what the board is about.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 At 4.20.23 Pm

Ben Silbermann's Pinterest page curates boards around pins with a particular theme.

7. Pin at least once daily to keep things fresh.

8. Create Group boards to invite followers to contribute to.


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