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Weekly Wrap: 2nd February 2014

This week's wrap covers the Twitter update enabling group direct messaging, Facebook's conversion measurement instrument 'Lift' and Snapchat's new content curation channel 'Discover'.



Twitter Group DMs & Mobile Video

Twitter has updated it's Direct Message's function to enable groups of up to 20 people to communicate privately.  



Facebook introduces Conversion Lift to better understand Ads

Facebook has developed 'conversion lift' to help capture the impact it's advertisements have on driving business for marketers.  It aims to help marketers to measeure the effectiveness of their campaigns to see what parts of them are working.  This measurement is gathered by monitoring groups of people who view your advert versus those that don't.  More detail of how Lift works can be viewed at Facebook's Business update page

Facebook Place Tips 

Facebook will now display 'Place Tips' to provide you with 'fun, useful and relevant info about the place you’re at.'

By viewing Place Tips you can see things like posts and photos from friends, posts from the place's Page and upcoming events for the place.

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Facebook 4th Quarter & 2014 Results

Facebook topped its 4th quarter revenue target with 49% growth for the period.  While revenue growth for the period slowed its video advertising revenue is expected to generate its next section of growth.



Snapchat brings curated content with 'Discover'

Snapchat new Discover feature is a way users can explore stories from it's curated editorial teams including, Vice, National Geographic, Comedy Central & more.

Another recent update to Snapchat that removed the 'Best Friends' feature allowing you to view the activity of select friends has quickly been reversed due to the backlash from its users.

Meanwhile Snapchat has reportedly been offering advertisers access to its platform for a cool $750,000.  Snapchat justifies the hefty price tag saying it is fair considering the access to the difficult teenage demographic it captures.




Tumblr introduces new interface designed for long form writing

Tumblr has rolled some big changes to it's interface designed to make it more user friendly for posting long-form posts.  Key improvements are; the ability to add images and videos anywhere in your post; representing how your post will look as you write it and a new dynamic text editing bar that appears when selecting text.  Tumblr has hinted there are several other features users will uncover along the way as some new 'real crafty' features to come. 

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