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Back To Basics: Creating Facebook Adverts

In recent times many Facebook Pages will have noticed a reduction in reach and engagement with their audience.  This has come as Facebook looks to balance the platform’s user experience with company’s seeking access to the vast audience.  

This reduced reach has seen pages look to Facebook’s advertising options to unlock this potential.  In line with this Facebook has recently improved its advertising function to simplify the process of creating adverts for a variety of Page’s objectives.

In this post we’ll cover the basics of Facebook advertising with a view to covering the recently updated advertising insights at a later date. 


The new Facebook advertising structure has been simplified to 3 stages of advert creation.

  1. Campaign – Choose an objective.
  2. Ad Sets – Choose audience and when the ad will show.
  3. Ad – Define text, images or video the audience will see.

Once you are ready to set up an ad visit to follow the steps below:

1.Choose an objective

Depending on what you want to achieve, there is a specific ad type to suit.  Then complete the objective details, eg for “Send people to your website” enter you website URL.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 At 5.09.57 Pm

2. Name your campaign

Facebook will give you a default name, however it is worth renaming it for future reference if you wish to create a variation on this ad campaign to test for effectiveness.

3. Define the Ad Set

Here you set up your target audience, budget and bidding. 

Targeting: Facebook enables you to target based on location, age, gender, and language amongst many other demographics.  This is where having a detailed understanding of the persona of your audience helps to reach like-minded people.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 At 5.13.52 Pm

Budget:  You can choose to spend a maximum ‘Per Day’ budget or a maximum amount over the lifetime of the ad using ‘Lifetime Budget’.  This in combination with your schedule setup will determine your total budget.


 4.    Design advert

 Your last step is to create the message your ads target audience are going to see. 

  • Choose your image(s):  You can add several images and Facebook will optimise your ad to show the best performing image the most.
  • Choose your text: This consists of the ads headline and description. 

You can then ‘Review’ your ad for a preview of what the ad will look like and ‘Place Order’ once you’re happy with it. 


Further tips and advice:

Call-To-Action Buttons:

You can choose from 5 different Call-To-Action buttons; Shop Now, Learn More, Book Now, Sign Up or Download.   These options help to guide your audience’s action to your specific objective.

Creating Similar Adverts: 

If you want to simply change one part of an advert without going through the whole process again, select “Create Similar Ad” within your Ad Manager. 

Optimising Bidding Type:

There are different ways you can spend your budget to achieve a particular objective. 

  • Cost Per Click: You only pay per clicks, the most commonly used and simple to understand.
  • Cost Per Impression: Optimises your spend for the audience most likely to perform your desired action.  This option requires a large amount of data, therefore a target audience of 100,000+ is recommended.
  • Cost Per Action: You pay for a specific action or conversion.  This option is designed to work for app installs, page likes or link clicks. 

Check Ad Manager:

Keep an eye on our Ad Manager to ensure that your budget is being spent as desired.  Your Ad Manager is also useful for comparing the effectiveness of different ad sets, particularly when using different images, text, target audiences and ad placement options.