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5 Ways To Improve Your Website's User Experience

Making sure your website visitors experience is optimal is key to giving a positive first impression and make sure they get what they came for.  

Here are five ways you can improve your website's user experience:


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Check your loading speed

Visitors to your website are primary action focused, if your site lags they are just a click away from looking elsewhere to forfill their needs. 

Google Page Speed Insights is a free tool that analyzes your site.  Entering your website's URL will produce a report rating your site's speed, user experience and providing ways to improve it. 


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Xero's homepage displays clear 'Try Xero For Free' Calls-To-Action

Clear Calls-To-Action 

Good user experience is about ensuring your customers are able to easily interact with your website to get what they’re after.   Each page of your website should have a clear objective, highlighted by natural Call-To-Actions to direct users. 

Mentalhealth -responsive -design

Responsive Design

With the increasing uptake of smart phones, so does the amount of business searches from mobile devices.  Making sure that those business searches reach a website they can find the information they are after.  

Key components of a responsive design are:

- the resizing of elements of the page: video, images and text.

- removal of non essential content.

- minimised but clear navigation. 


When developing your site it is important to get external feedback from people to give you feedback from the perspective of an unfamiliar user.  Listen to the feedback, do they find the website easy to navigate?  Can they easily find what they would visit the website for?  Use this feedback to inform any potential improvements to the website.

Keeping an eye on Google Anaytics will help give you an insight into how users browse through the site.  Do certain pages capture more attention than others?  Are you attracting return visitors?  Interpreting these types of analytics can give you ideas for how to modify your website's layout for better user experience. 

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Check browser compatibility 

Extending on from your website testing is making sure your website performs and displays as intended on a variety of browsers.  The wide range of browsers used today makes it essential to browser test to make the most of your development efforts.  

BrowserStack is an online tool that can show you how your site displays on different websites to identify areas that need attention.  

Paying attention to user experience is key to making sure visitors to your site get a good first impression of your brand.  From there a site needs to be able to provide for a users desired actions, be it finding contact information or product and service information.