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11 Effective Ways To More Organic Reach

With organic reach, particularly on Facebook, becoming harder to come by this post will provide some tips for getting your marketing communications out to more of your audience across Facebook, Twitter and your website.


1. Share more helpful, entertaining or funny content and less sales focused posts.

By doing this you make your audience more receptive to your posts, which in turn lets Facebook’s algorithm know that your fans want your content.

2. Be personal

People engage with stories about the personality behind the brand.  If you go on company outings or have personal developments within the company tell your fans about it.

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3. Find the best time to post for your audience.

Check the Facebook insights at the top of your page for when your audience is online and post at peak times.  Be prepared to try different times to see if there is a positive impact on views, likes or shares.  For example use the schedule post feature to set a post for 3am when there is less competition on your local newsfeed and could hit your audience as they do their morning Facebook login. 

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4. Make sure you are using the best link posting technique.

Facebook gives best organic reach for links to posts that use the link to automatically preview the link with a picture and a text preview.  However you are not restricted to sticking with the picture displayed in the preview, you have the option of uploading a custom image that may be more enticing. 

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5 .Videos are the new photos

We have mentioned in the past the value photos can add to your organic engagement on Facebook.  With the rise of video on Facebook we can expect this to fuel the next increase in organic reach.  Take a look at our post about ways to use video in you digital strategy.  



Last year Twitter launched Twitter Analytics to measure impressions and engagements amongst other things.  This is a very useful tool for measuring the level of engagement for your tweets.  Many of the familiar social tips for increasing reach also apply for Twitter: 

6. Include Video, Images & Links: Check that they appear correctly in your feed.  Links from YouTube, Soundcloud etc. should appear with a detailed preview to entice engagement.

7. #Hashtags help to connect with an audience interested in particular topics.

8. Being direct and asking for a Retweet can get a positive response, however be selective as it can wear thin.  

For more Twitter tips, take a look at our post 7 Tips To Enchance Your Twitter Game 



9. Include keyword rich meta title and descriptions

Have your meta titles and description tags tied in with your keywords for each page on your website.  This will help your page to rank for searches for your offer.

10. Seek out websites to exchange links with

Exchanging links with quality related sites can boost each website’s traffic as well as their search engine rankings.  

11. Link to other blog posts

Creating internal links on your website (as we have done twice in this post) will help to increase the time visitors spend on your site.  This can benefit your site’s SEO, your customers engagement and ultimately lead them closer to some type of conversion, be it an enquiry or purchase. 

Organic reach is definitely not dead, but ensuring you keep up with the latest in best practice is essential to maintaining your connection with your audience.