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10 Tools To Kickstart Your Content Marketing

Last year we gave you a 6 Step Plan to Creating a Content StrategyFollowing on from that post here are 10 Tools To Kickstart Your Content Marketing. 


Content Curation Tools:

Sourcing articles and news stories to reference for content is half the battle with developing your content plan.  These tools are great for helping to source material and organise it in a way that is easy to access when it comes to creating your content.  


Pocket is designed to help you save things like articles and videos direct from your browser or App for future reference.   

Google Docs

Google Docs is particularly useful if you often collaborate on content because all documents are easily shareable via the online platform.  You can create your content plan in either Calendar or Excel meaning all parties are on the same page.   

Content Gems

Content Gems is a content marketing software that monitors the Internet for your specificied keywords and curates an email with the most relevant articles for your area of interest.

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Having a well organized and maintained source of trusted reference sites is vital for staying informed of the latest updates for your industry.  Feedly can do just this for you. 


Alltop is a website that looks to answer "What is happening?" In that way it is a great place to find the top stories within a certain area of interest.  Alltop aggregates the top stories from blogs and websites to give you an insight into current trending stories.  


Creation Tools:

Once you've written your content from the reference material, it's time to jazz it up with some visual accompainment.  Here's some tools for that.

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This is design tool simple enough for people that aren't full blown designers.  Canva will help you create impressive graphics, banners and more to be inserted alongside your content. 


Sourcing the right kind of images that are available royalty free can be difficult.  PhotoPin solves this problem by supplying a vault of quality photos for free providing a a credit is attached to the published image 


Distribution Tools:

Finally you have you finished content you need to get it out to people, here are some tools that will do this.  

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Buffer is an App that simplifies the process of distributing your content via social media.  Installing the BufferApp button on your browser will make sharing your content as simple as the press of a button.  Similiarly to Pocket you can also 'Buffer' any lnk or video direct from your browser. 

Campaign Monitor

Email is still a highly effective way of reaching your audience.  Subscriber services like Campaign Monitor make it easy to create templates, email lists and handle all the legal requirements of emailing.  


We have covered IFTTT before as a tool we use to automate processes to save time by posting your Facebook posts to Twitter.  There are 1000s of recipes for automating a variety of tasks, we detailed a few of them in our post on IFTTT.