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Weekly Digital Wrap: 13th April 2015

This week's digital wrap updates for Intagram, Twitter and Facebook's platform as well as our picks for digital articles from the last week.

Instagram introduces notifications

Instagram has added a function that willl send you notifications of post from your favourite accounts.



Facebook launches for desktop use

Facebook announced a standalone desktop app for it's Messenger platform that doesn't require you to access the rest of Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 At 12.14.30 Pm


Twitter's "Retweet With Comment" function

Twitter launched it's "Retweet With Comment" feature that simplifies the process of adding commentary to a Retweet.  The feature now provides you a space above the tweet to add your comment.  These added comments are then embedded in the retweet without having to worry abou the 140 character restriction that normally applies to tweets.  


Twitter updates trends on mobile

 Twitter has made an update to the way trends are displayed on its mobile app to make them more informative and easier to find.  The main way they have done this is by displaying trends with descriptions to explain what the trending topics and hashtags are referring to.

Twitter _Tailored Trends _2015_0


 Digital News Articles Of Interest

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