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Tip 3 from Regan Hall: Digital Marketing for Marketers Workshop

This tip comes from the Creative People's Digital Marketing workshop on the 8th of April 2015, to find out more about upcoming workshops please contact us at 

Setup a nurture campaign

The first two tips focused on setting up and developing your content strategy to attract and capture the attention of your particular audience.  Now you are building an audience it is time to nurture this audience over time to maintain your company’s presence in the mind of your potential customers.

A nurture campaign can assist in delivering relevant content to the relevant audience at the right time.


The key parts of setting up a nurture campaign are: 

Targeting A Specific Audience

Selecting the segment of your audience that you are going to target can be done by using data from your CRM or email software.  This segmentation could be done based on demographics like location, age, gender, or by interactions that they’ve had with you previously.

For example you may want to target an audience in a certain location based on an upcoming regional event.  Or you could segment based on stages of the sales cycle. E.g. An email sent 2 weeks after they’ve made a purchase, offering product care tips. 

Develop Your Message

The message you deliver needs to be tailored to the specific audience segment you are delivering to.  Consider their specific needs for their specific stage of the sales cycle. It may range from general product information through to a follow-up email seeking feedback about customer satisfaction.  Create different emails to provide for specific stages of the sales cycle. 

Each message should contain the relevant call to action, whether it is a request for more information or to proceed with a purchase.

Plan Your Delivery

Your campaign should act as a considered delivery of relevant messages over a period of time, designed to assist your audience through the sales cycle to the point where they are ready to purchase.



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