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6 Tips For Businesses With Small Marketing Budgets

When marketing budgets are small or pratically non-existent finding cost effective ways of reaching your audience is gold for small businesses.

Here are some simple tips for ways to get traction for your company:

Create Great Content 

Dedicate some time to creating content for a your company blog and social channels.  Nominate a person responsible for creating content relating to the business.  Content could be top 10 lists, best practice guides or indirect content like a recommended event.  

Curate Content from Awesome Sources

Creating all your content from scratch can take time.  For a quick content hit, curate quality links from a list of appropriate sources.  This can also help to inspire you for future content.

Produce your own infographics

Presenting facts and figures as an infographic is a snappy way of delivering what could be otherwise dry information.  Infographics with key information that can be quickly digested are a proven winner.

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Email Marketing

Creating a regular email newsletter can be an effective way of reaching your audience given the reduction of organic reach of Facebook.  Using the content you have published to your blog you can also drive traffic to your website where effective call-to-actions can lead them closer to a conversion of lead generation or purchase.  Free to Premium services by Mailchimp make it very cost effective to build a mailing list.  

 Email -Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

We spoke of SEO a week or so back as a way of increasing the number of traffic your website receives from search.   That post covered some areas to consider when looking to optimise your website for search. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social still has to be one of the most cost effective methods of connecting with your audience. Take a look at our 'Back To Basics" guides for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for how to get the most from the particular platforms.