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6 Tips to Maximise Conversion in The Cart

Ecommerce has continued its gains in the retail sector, recent US stats shows it heading towards 7% of overall retail sales.

Keeping up with improvements in website development and implementing best practices is key to grabbing any small gains possible. 



Abandoned Carts

One area that can have significant effect on a websites conversion rates is reducing the rate of abandoned carts.  Here are 6 tips to help smooth the shopping experience through the checkout.


1.   Guest Checkout:

Allowing a customer to purchase in without an account means there are less hurdles to checkout.  Various examples suggest providing a guest checkout can lower cart abandonment rates by 50%.

Obviously by allowing guest checkout you are foregoing the opportunity to gather useful information from the customer, like emails that can be used for future marketing.  However if it contributes to more completed sales, it justifies itself.


Give The Customer The Option

By giving a customer the options of a guest account or signing in like the example above you are giving your website the best opportunity of converting sales.

2.   Single Page Checkout Form

Continuing on the idea of removing barriers to a completed purchase, a single page checkout form greatly reduces drop off rates.

With a single form checkout speeds up the checkout process by reducing the pages required to navigate through.




Optimising the form

People hate filling out forms, make it as simple as possible with these functions:

-       Auto-fill function

-       Preserve information when error occurs

-       Enclose the checkout form to avoid distraction

-       Limit information required to essential

-       Explain reason behind capturing extra data, eg. Tailored marketing


3.   Responsive design for tablets and mobile

A recent report showed that mobile shopping traffic has surpassed desktop traffic.  Shoppers now expect to be able to complete their purchases on mobile device, not simply use it for research.

Now more than ever is it essential to have all elements of the online store optimized for mobile including the checkout page.


Things to consider in getting the mobile checkout right are:

-       have large pop up menu buttons

-       use progress trackers for long forms

-       include only vital information


4.   Abandoned Cart emails

While we can make every effort to reduce abandonment rates, there will always be a percentage that still drops off.  Abandonment emails can help draw these customers back in persuading them to purchase.


Abandoned Email Pitches:

-       remind them what they’ve left in their cart

-       offer a discount or free shipping

-       hold the items for a later purchase


5.   Display returns policy & shipping details prominently

Shipping costs and returns policy are details that can influence a customers decision to purchase.

If they know what to expect for shipping prior to checkout they’re not going to get a surprise when it comes to payment and drop out.  Similarly a trusted returns policy is going to give them confidence to purchase.

Displaying shipping and returns details throughout the website and in a pop up window at the checkout will give the customer the assurance they need to go through with their purchase.



6.   Offer Click & Collect

Click and collect is another offer that gives the consumer more options to suit them.  By making it possible for the customer to collect from in store or a designated collection point it once again removes any barriers to them completing the purchase.