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5 Timesaving tips for busy marketers

We could all do with more time in our busy schedules to get our daily tasks ticked off the list.

As the task lists stack up for marketing departments the search for time saving tips continues, so here are a few to ease the workload:



1. Choose the Best Social Media Channels to Use

Choose the right social media and related channels to use.  Doing so will help make sure your efforts get the best returns for time invested.  You can do this by measuring using Hootsuite and Google analytics to view which communications are receiving the most attention.

The inbuilt analytics tools for Facebook and Twitter are great for getting an insight into:

- Engagement rates: what posts are getting the best interactions from link clicks, likes and retweets

- Best times to post: Letting you know when your audience is online

- Social Media performance: activity is tracked over time to show increases and decreases in interactions

Keeping an eye on these tools can make sure your communications are broadcast in the most effect channels and show which networks either require more attention or are not worth the time spent on them.



2. Manage Your Time

There are many strategies for effective time management, many of them variations of each other.  The key is to work out what works for you.

Plan Your Day

Take time at the start of your day to plan your tasks.  Doing this once at the beginning of the day will avoid downtime between tasks as you work out what the next job is.

Set Time Limits

Once you know your tasks, put a time limit for each and put them in a daily calendar.  Set a reminder just before your time limit to press yourself to wrap up the task.  Don’t worry if you don’t complete the task, you can always schedule another time slot to finish it.

Leave the email alone

Create time slots for checking emails, give yourself 20 mins at the beginning, middle and end of day to deal to emails.  This will help you to work undistracted on the task at hand hopefully completing it quicker.


3. Have a Plan for Content

Creating content on regular basis can be a major time suck if not properly prepared for.  Take a look at our recentcontent planning guide for how to avoid letting time slip away in this process.

Some other excellent tools to help give you the jump on content ideas are:

Hubspot’s blog topic generator:

Topic alerts using Google AlertsContent Gems or BuzzSumo

Pinterest and Tumblr are useful for saving for content for later.  Often we come across images that we know will come in handy in the future.  Creating private Pinterest and Tumblr pages will save you search time when it comes to finding imagery to go with posts.


4. Automation

Automating small processes can help streamline your day letting you get on with other tasks uninterrupted.

Scheduling emails, blog posts and social media posts are just a few tasks that can be automated to save time.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that can schedule tweets and messages as well as tracking brand mentions and social media traffic.

BufferApp is a tool that helps in sharing content.  Page sharing can be scheduled to post throughout the day to produce a constant stream rather than a cluster when you get around to it.

Email software programs like Mailchimp enable you to schedule an campaign for the most effective time, that way you can complete the email and know you don’t need to waste time coming back to it.  The email can also be posted to your social channels for more coverage.



5. Make use of Tools

We’ve already mentioned a bunch of tools that can save marketers time with their daily tasks.  Here are more tools with a rundown on how they can improve your workflow.

Google Docs is a well known but essential tools for sharing documents across several users, users can use the same document independently and it avoids any possibility of losing it as it is stored in Google’s cloud server.

Workflowy is an organisational app designed to “help you organize personal to-dos, collaborate on large team projects, take notes, write research papers” and more.

IFTTT short for “If This Then That” is a service that allows you to create connections between applications to simplify processes and increase their effectiveness.   For example you can create a rule that If you post to Instagram then IFTTT will post to Twitter.

Mention is an app that monitors your brands mentions in real time across the internet as well as social networks.  This is useful for making timely responses to mentions whether they are positive or negative. is an email app that separates your subscriptions from your regular emails.  Users can clean up their subscriptions to ones they want to continue to receive. then combines them into a daily email to minimise the continual interruption of receiving non essential emails.


What time saving tips do you use?  Let us know in the comments.