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Weekly Wrap: 24th November 2014

This week's wrap looks at the release of Snapcash, Facebooks Groups App, Twitter's search index and Google's Contributor program for funding websites.


Snapchat introduces Snapcash

This past week Snapchat announced it's partnership with Square Cash to launch Snapcash.  

Its designed to be super simple to send payments to friends.  The Square Cash platform stores the debit card details securely and by simply swiping into chat, entering an amount and clicking the green button you're done.  

Here's the promo video showing you how its done


Facebook extends Groups with mobile app

Facebook continues its development of its Group function with the introduction of its mobile app for faster and easier sharing within groups.  

Within the app you'll have quick access to all your groups and easily be able to create a new group.  The app also shows group notifications with the abilty to manage which notifications you see and a Discover function suggesting pages for you based on the groups you like.



Twitter enables search of every public tweet since 2006

Twitter announced it has "now indexed every tweet since 2006".  This blog post here explains how the index was built.

They also made it possible to share a tweet via a direct message as opposed to within the public timeline.  


twitter direct messages


Google Contributor a funding alternative

Google has introduced an experiment to allow internet users to directly support their favourite sites in place of the adverts that fund the website.  Google Contributor is explained here as a way to "Support the people who make the web"