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Tip 2 from Regan Hall: Digital Marketing for Marketers Workshop

This tip comes from the Creative People's Digital Marketing workshop on the 14th of November 2014, to find out more about upcoming workshops please contact us at


In my last tip I wrote about growing your database, which is great if you already have everything else running smoothly to ensure you are engaging that database effectively. If you aren’t in that position though, this tip is for you.

Before you focus too much on growing a bigger database, first concentrate on getting better engagement with your current database. This comes down to making sure that your content strategy is right for your target audience.

If you are serving up good quality content that the people on your database want to consume, you will get better open rates, higher click-through-rates and lower unsubscribe rates. This means that your efforts in getting a larger database are not wasted.

Remember: Test and measure, test and measure, test and measure. Try different things with your content and see what works and what doesn’t. Then do more of what does work and less of what doesn’t work. That sounds pretty simple, but it’s amazing how many companies don’t do any testing in this regard.

Once you have your content strategy nailed down and developed into a content calendar that is working well, you can then focus on strategies for growing your database, but make sure you get this content strategy sorted first!




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