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Tip 1 from Regan Hall: Digital Marketing for Marketers Workshop

This tip comes from the Creative People's Digital Marketing workshop on the 14th of November 2014, to find out more about upcoming workshops please contact us at


One easy-to-implement idea for growing your email database: 

During the course we discussed adding a pop-up box to your website to attract people into your email database. Most people agree that it’s pretty annoying when a pop-up takes over the entire page, and I’m certainly not a proponent of this sort of tactic. A small pop-up in the top right corner of the page, with a GOOD reason for people to hand over their details, has proven to be a very effective technique for growing a database. It doesn’t stop people browsing the site and they can easily click to make it go away if they aren’t interested.

If you are going to implement this, make sure the offer is compelling and relevant to your target market. i.e. "Get our free guide to email marketing + fortnightly tips on the latest digital marketing trends”. Don’t just say “Sign up to our newsletter here”.

There are also a few key technical things that should also be put in place to ensure the best user experience:

Get your web developer to setup a couple of cookies on your site

The first cookie tells the site not to show the pop-up again after the user has filled in the sign-up form. The second should recognise when the user clicks to make it go away (rather than filling it in), and not show it to them for another couple of weeks. Otherwise it just gets annoying.

Setup auto responder for confirmation email

Make sure you setup an auto responder to send a confirmation email to the new subscriber, telling them what they can expect and how often. Then it’s up to you to have your content calendar in place to fulfil the promise!

I’ll talk about that in the next tip…

If you have any questions in the mean time, feel free to get in touch directly at




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