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Make the most of mobile

Recent research says that about 70% of New Zealanders own a smart phone with access to the internet.

The adoption of smart phones in New Zealand has been dramatic and will continue to rise in the coming years.

It is the job of marketers to ensure this technology trend is harness to full effect.

Here are 3 key considerations to have in mind when looking to make the most of the rise of the mobile platform.


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1. Make it responsive

With the increased internet mobile access available comes increased traffic from mobile devices.  Making sure that your website can effectively display what the visitor is after on your website using their smart phone or tablet is key to avoiding them bouncing off your site.  

A responsive design should consider:

  • - having standout call-to-action buttons
  • - reducing mobile content to essential information
  • - having a simple navigation menu
  • - including forms tailored for mobile with large input boxes
  • - making phone and email contacts clickable links

Remember that a user browsing on mobile is much more outcome focused than research driven.  Making the outcome easy is key to getting the desired outcome.  


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2. Optimise for email

Statistics suggest up to 66% of emails are first opened on mobile.  Making sure your email displays as desired in mobile is a sure fire way of making sure your email's content gets your message across and avoids the trash can.


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3. Mobile clicks with social media

Mobile serves as a fantastic platform for social media, stats suggest that 60% of social media interactions happen on mobile.  Mobile access to social media has increased opportunities for brands to interact and engage with their audience.  Using social media as customer touch points regularly keeps the brand front of mind for future opportunities. 


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