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Life After Like Gating- 5 Alternatives for your Facebook Campaign

With the ban of Like Gating kicking in this week we felt it an opportune time to look at alternative options businesses can use for their Facebook strategy. 


What’s Like Gating?

Like gating was an effective way businesses could increase their Facebook likes through requiring a like to enter a competition.  This method came to be considered counterproductive as it would attract users that were not genuinely interested in the brand.

Facebook understood this and explained their reasoning for the ban as a way of ensuring “quality connections with people that want connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives.


So What To Do Now?

Now that like gating is no longer an option, here are some ways you can create more meaningful connections with your audience:


1. Facebook Adverts

Facebook’s advertising has a range of options that are tailored for specific objectives, whether it be website views, app downloads or page likes.   These advertisements can be customised to target specific audiences with costs per click options to determine the budget.

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With Facebook’s organic reach being significantly reduced over the years, selective paid advertising can be a cost effective way of developing and connecting with your Facebook audience.


2. Action Gate Content to Grab Customer Information

Action gates are similar to Like Gates but rather than a like to enter a competition they need to complete a form.  This form can capture valuable information with which to connect with them in the future.  Remember to limit the length of the form to ensure users complete the form.



3. Share Relevant & Engaging Content

If you really are giving your audience what they want to hear then Likes will naturally follow.  Use the insights tab of your Facebook page to see which posts are getting the best engagement and tailor your content to suit.

Things to remember when posting content:

- Images get 5 times the engagement

- Include links with call to action

- People like a good story, let people know about major events in your business

- Check your Facebook Insights to see when your audience is online

- Mix up your content to see what people respond to


4. Facebook Social Plugin

Embedding a Facebook Plugin on your website is a good way of getting quality likes.  By giving visitors the option to Like your page once they have browsed your website or blog will mean they are genuinely interested in the content you are representing.


facebook social plugins 3


5. Use Facebook’s Customised Audiences

Custom Audience

You can now create Facebook adverts that target visitors to your website.  This works by displaying your advert to people that have visited your website while being logged into Facebook.  This can be an effective way of remarketing to an audience that has expressed an interest in your business to prompt them into action.


Lookalike Audience

You can also create a “lookalike” audience using your existing customer data to target people similar to your current customers.  This is another cost effective way of reaching an audience that are linked to your current customers demographics.


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