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Automate Your Workflow With IFTTT

Looking for ways to automate simple tasks to focus on other activities?  Then IFTTT is the perfect tool for you. 

IFTTT is a tool to help make connections between various online platforms using the simple statement "If This Then That"

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IFTTT Recipes

The IFTTT statement has 2 main parts, a trigger and an action, that interact to perform the desired outcome.

For instance IFTTT can create a "recipe" that posts a business's blog posts to it's Twitter feed.  This recipe would look like this:

If [ a blog post is published] then [ the blog post is tweeted on Twitter with a link to it]

What IFTTT calls "ingredients" can be added to the recipe to give extra information about the trigger, for instance a title.

IFTTT helps to automate many of the regular online marketing communications making it a very powerful tool for digital marketers.


IFTTT has preprogrammed recipes for 100's of online platforms and apps for 1000's of desired outcomes.  Here are a selection of 5 recipes to connect your marketing efforts:


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1. Post an Instagram photo to Twitter as a Twitpic

This recipe is useful for boosting engagement across two platforms.  The recipe will convert the photo to a Twitpic meaning it will display as an image not simply a link, increasing the chance for engagement.

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2. If Your Facebook Profile Picture Is Updated, Update Your Twitter Picture Too

If you are updating your profile pictures online, whether it be for a limited promotion or ongoing, this tool simplifies the process and creates consistency across platforms.


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3. Archive Twitter posts to Google Calendar

If you use a Twitter scheduling program like Buffer to post your tweets, archiving them to Google Calendar can be useful for tracking past social media efforts.


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4. Get an email when an Instagram is taken at your location

This is a great opportunity to get timely notifications of users connecting with you via your social media channels.  This form of crowdsourcing can provide valuable content for further promotion as well as connections with the audience.


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5. Tweet my Wordpress Blog Posts

Connecting your Wordpress posts to Twitter is a good way to save time when you are looking to spread your posts across multiple social platforms.


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