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5 Key Ways To Use Video In Your Digital Strategy

Can you believe there are 1 billion video views on Facebook daily?

That is just one stat that shows the growth in people's insatiable appetite for video.

Considering this continuing upward trend here's a few ways to include video in your company's communications.


1.    As a snapshot of a product

Vine or similarly featured Instagram videos are a great way of showing a taster of an upcoming product without giving away too much.  Up to 15-second clips (Instagram) help to prompt a viewer to seek out more info about the product.  A call to action such as a link to register your interest would capture these potential customers.



2.    Converting a written article into a video segment 

People are busy and when faced with a wall of text can easily divert their attention elsewhere.   Creating your communications in video form can help deliver the message in a more dynamic form.  Remember to consider the length of the video, as long videos will discourage viewers from watching.


3.    How To Videos 

Product manuals can easily become misleading.  A step by step video guide helps you to visualise the task.  Mitre 10 has done this well in providing guides about installing a raised garden.  This added value will build the Mitre 10 brand as the go to store for DIY projects.


4.    Interview a knowledgeable person on a topic of interest 

Presenting members of a team can help to humanise a company’s image as well as an interesting insight into how they operate.  Grab a member of the team to share information that will be of interest to viewers.  It can be product or service specific as the video below shows, or simply a few questions that gives insight into the personalities that shape the company.


5.    Share informative or entertaining videos 

We don’t always have the time or resources to create videos from scratch.  This is an opportunity to related videos from external sources that add value to your audience’s connection to your brand.  Sharing videos that are simply entertaining or informative as opposed to sales focused can be particularly effective as they can help to open a viewer's filter to be more engaged to your updates.   Idealog magazine often uses videos in it's lighthearted Friday Frivolities blog posts.  The recent Jon Oliver piss take of the NZ "fleg" was included in their latest edition here.