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Mobile marketing: location vs price

As the use of smartphones surges, it’s worth having a think about how marketing through this channel can achieve the best results. A recent survey by Responsys provided some interesting statistics.

According to their survey, the number one reason US consumers would sign up to receive mobile marketing offers was to receive special offers and promotions, closely followed by receiving news of other sales.

What’s interesting about this research though is not that people will sign up for deals, but that two-thirds of those consumers were likely to take action after receiving a price-based offer. When asked about location-based and time-based offers, yes, these consumers – well around half of them – said they might be persuaded to take action, but it is price-based offers that clearly came out on top.

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While location-based offers were likely to attract around half of these mobile-using consumers, they were also the most likely to turn people off an offer. And in comparison to the 66 per cent of respondents who would take action based on price, there is a clear message to be learnt from this research.

An estimated 54 million smartphone users will redeem mobile coupons in the US this year; and mobile coupons are redeemed 10 per cent more than print offers.

So, while price-based offers are by far the most popular option for mobile consumers, location-based offers aren’t all that bad themselves. These figures might be worth considering if you’re in the business of mobile marketing, or are thinking about starting. Next week we’ll look at the pros and cons of location-based marketing in the developing mobile market.

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