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8 videos you must see this week

It’s Monday which means you’re probably still recovering from the weekend. We’ve collected 8 videos you must see this week to help you recover and put a smile on your face.

Look Up
Just watch the video and see for yourself.


Don’t mess with Queen B
SNL hilariously showed what happens if you mess with Beyonce.


Lip sing battle with Emma Stone
Watch Jimmy Fallon battle Emma Stone in lip singing.


Cutest Video this week
Watch this seal getting a belly rub.


Hero of the week
See why it’s good to help another person.


Backflip gone wrong
Wrong place wrong time.


Tiny hamster eats tiny burrito
Everybody loves a good burrito.


Lama bouncing on DMX
We didn’t even know they could bounce.


We hope you enjoy reading and especially watching this article.