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top 5 most famous internet cats

When you surf the internet it’s impossible not to see pictures, video’s or memes of cats. You either love them or hate them and we are happy to say we are very much in love with them. Who doesn’t want a cat that looks grumpy, is cross eyed or just irresistible? We’ve searched the internet for the top 5 most famous internet cats.


#1 Grumpy Cat

Grumpy -cat

Grumpy cat was probably the first cat that crossed your mind when we started talking about famous internet cats. That’s why it’s the most famous cat in the world! He will never disappoint you with his funny expressions. Grumpy cats real is name Tardar Sauce. She was born in April 2012 and is actually a female cat. She became famous in 2013 after her picture was posted on Reddit.  Grumpy cat has her own website which you can visit here.


#2 Nyon Cat
Nyan -cat1

If the tune doesn’t pop up into your mind after seeing the images above you’ll definitely remember it watching the Youtube video. Nyan cat became famous in 2011 and has been all over the internet since. The annoying tune will be stuck in your head for days.


#3 Colonel Meow

Colonel -Meow

Colonel Meow became famous in 2012  and from that moment on he gained thousands of minions. He also got a place in the Guinness Book of Record for his 9 inch long hair. We are sorry to say that Colonel Meow passed away last year.


#4 Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton -the -hipster -cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat has the most beautiful mustache known to mankind. This rescue cat was born in July and you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Here you can find the most funny pictures of his very spectacular everyday life.


#5 Madame George
Madame -george

Madame George is new to the scene. He just started posing on Instagram and his pictures are absolutely hilarious. I expect him to take over the internet in no time. Apart from his Instagram page there isn’t a lot of information about Madame George to find.


These are the top 5 most famous internet cats for now. As you can see you never know when a new cat will pop up.  Which one do you like best?