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Top 10 quizzes you should take

Taking online quizzes is hot at the moment. You’ve probably seen them all over your Facebook news feed already or maybe even taken a few yourself. All of a sudden they’ve became so popular – but why?

The answer to that question is simple. People love sharing things about themselves that represent who they are. It’s all about sharing fun stuff and laughing about it online with your friends. So, we’ve found the top 10 quizzes you should take.


#1 Which South Park character are you?
Top -10-quizzes -you -should -take
Did you used to watch South Park when you where younger or do you secretly still watch the show? Then this quiz is perfect for you. Are you the annoying Cartman or the o so unlucky Kenny?


#2 What kind of cat are you?

What -kind -of -cat -are -you

Why be serious all the time? Find out what kind of cat your are, it may be more interesting than you think.


#3 Which ‘Sherlock’ character are you?

Which -sherlock -character -are -you

I have to say I’m a big Sherlock fan myself and can honestly say if you haven’t watched it yet, start now! For the people who’ve watched it already there’s nothing more to say, I know you will love this quiz.


#4 How much do you love pizza?

How -much -do -you -love -pizza

Just take the quiz and you know what’s up. This is probably the funniest quiz around.


#5 Which Johnny Depp character are you?

Which -johnny -depp -character -are -you
Everybody loves Johnny Depp or at least one of the movies he has starred in. I turned out to be Willy Wonka. Click through to find out which of the characters you are.


#6 What period in history do you really belong in?

What -period -in -history -do -you -really -belong -in

You ever felt like you should have been born in an earlier period of time? This is the time to find out.


#7 Which ‘Avangers’ character are you?

Which -avangers -character -are -you

Have you secretly always dreamed about becoming a super hero? This is the time to find out which one of the super hero’s you would be.


#8 What Kind Of Drink Are You Going To Need After Work Tonight?

What -kind -of -drink -are -you -going -to -get -after -work

Hard day at work or is it Monday and you’re already wishing it’s Friday. Find out what kind of drink you need after a long day at work.


9# Which Disney sidekick are you?

Which -disney -sidekick -are -you

Everybody has seen one or more Disney movies. I haven’t met anyone yet who hates Disney. Find out which sidekick you would be.


#10 Which U.S president are you?

Which -US-president -are -you

Always had the dream to become a president or do you just want to know what kind of president you would be? This is the perfect quiz to find out.