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Mobile to top newspaper ad spend

The death of newspapers has been a widely discussed topic over the last decade or so, and the latest ad spending forecasts look to be another nail in the coffin for print media.

Mobile ad spending is surging ahead, and according to forecasts by eMarketer, the sector will generate more total ad revenue than newspapers for the first time in the UK this year – it is expected to jump by 90 per cent in 2014 to £2.26 billion. And, by 2018, mobile is expected to claim one third of total ad media spend in the UK.


This year, mobile spending will account for 15.1 per cent of the total media spend, compared with 13.8 per cent for newspapers.

But it is not just newspapers that mobile spend is competing with; it is also set to rival that of television spend. By 2016 eMarketer predicts television’s total share of media ad spending in the UK will fall to 23.1 per cent as mobile increases its share to 26.2 per cent. And, by 2017, mobile will become the largest ad channel in the UK.


The mobile channel is driving the overall digital spend ad sector. This year, eMarketer estimates mobile spending will account for nearly one-third of all digital advertising, and by 2015, it will account for more than 50 per cent.

It’s not just in the UK this trend is strong; in New Zealand online ad spend hit $99.2 million in the first quarter of 2013, up 26 per cent on the year prior, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau New Zealand (IAB). Of that total online spend, the mobile sector saw an increase of 196 per cent on the year prior. And IAB predicts, like in the UK, online advertising spend will quickly overtake newspaper spend. Here, it is expected to overtake its paper rival in 2016.