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Engage, educate and entertain: marketing emails that step out of the mould

Marketing emails that inspire, educate, and entertain. These sorts of emails can break up the standard ‘buy now’ message and provide your customer base with something they’ll appreciate. It’s a way to mix up your marketing and get your brand noticed. These emails are not intended just to provide your customers with a chuckle though, they are a way to instigate interaction with your brand and ensure people are taking notice.

It’s easy to tune out when bombarded with a constant throng of promotional emails. After getting enough of these ‘buy now’ messages, most of us know how easy it is to ignore them completely.

So here’s some ideas to shake things up and get your customers engaged, without asking them to purchase goods or services from you.

Get seasonal

Get some timely content together. If you’re in the food business, it might be recipies with in-season produce. If you’re a sports retailer, it might be tips for ski waxing in autumn, or if you’re a garden centre you might consider seasonal planting tips.

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While these sorts of emails share just helpful, timely tips they help to align customers with your brand.

Show some personality

Humour and personality says something about your brand. While humour may not always work with your branding, there’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of personality that’s in line with your marketing strategy. Whether it’s an employee’s take on a sporting event they participated in recently or a personal take on a current industry trend, these types of emails will align your brand’s personality with your customers. If you’re using humour, make sure it’s in line with your overall marketing strategy. Bringing a smile to your subscribers’ faces is worth its weight in gold for your brand.

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Customer-generated content

Feature your customers in your emails. Whether it’s product reviews, pictures your followers uploaded to your social media platforms, or a customer with something from your brand – a snap of themselves in somewhere exotic using your tent, a favourite recipe whipped up with your product etc …

Asking people to upload their favourite recipes, or great snaps of them wearing or using your products is another way to increase engagement with your brand.


Buying tips

This is a classic way to provide something informative and interesting to your subscribers. If you’re a make up retailer, it might be quick tips about how to apply the latest eye shadow range, or if you’re a clothing retailer, a quick guide to picking your jean cut might be just the thing.