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Eight videos you must see this week

We’ve found eight videos you must see –  videos we’ve seen going viral and those that are just plain funny. You may have already seen a few and if not, find out what you’ve been missing!

Strangers kissing for the first time
This is actually one of my favorites. It goes from absolutely awkward to kind-of-cute and passionate in a matter of seconds. In this video made by Wren studio you see 20 total strangers meet and kiss each other for the first time.


Holland vs. the Netherlands explained
Always wondered why some people call it Holland and some the Netherlands? In this informative video you will figure it out. Or maybe you’ll get even more confused.


What does the world eat for breakfast?
Find out what the rest of the world eats for breakfast.


What happens when you hire the Muppets as interns?
Short and hilarious.


Mom tries to teach adorable girl life lessons
This is probably the cutest video you will see all week!


Act of persuasion
I think we adults can learn a lot from this kid. He definitely knows how to have a discussion.


Dog not allowed on the bed
I guess animals are just like humans …

I see fire – cover
You’ve probably seen The Hobbit and probably also know the soundtrack I see fire from Ed Sheeran. Here’s a video of a girl singing it beautifully.


Let us know what funny, interesting or cute videos you’ve seen lately.