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Weekly Wrap: 8th December 2014

This weeks update looks at new features and functions for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  


Facebook extends autoplay video feature to app adverts

Facebook continues it's focus on mobile advertising by making the autoplay video functon available for its advertisers of apps.  Facebook states the decision is based on the fact that “with more and more people uploading, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook, marketers are finding video to be an important asset to drive key business metrics,”

In conjunction with this update, Facebook has also improved the ability of it's advertisers to target with a "highly predictable reach and frequency" for their campaigns.


Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest overtake Facebook’s growth numbers

Tumblr is leading the charge as it and the other social platforms overtake Facebook's growth statistics.  Tumblr (120%) and Pinterest (111%) had considerable user base growth compared to Facebook's 2%.  For a detailed analysis of the numbers read the full article here


"Tweet A Reminder" Button for Netflix

Netflix and Twitter have teamed up to test a "Tweet Me A Reminder" button for users to get an @Reply from the shows Twitter account to remind them as soon as a new episode is available to view.

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Twitter introduces new and improved Instagram-like adjustable photo filters to its inbuilt photo sharing feature.

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Twitter improves function for flagging abusive tweets

Twitter is making it's abuse flagging function "more mobile-friendly, require less initial information, and, overall, make it simpler to flag Tweets and accounts for review."

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 Tumblr introduces new buttons for "Buy", "Pledge" & "Get Involved"

Tumblr has added new action buttons to it's Posts allowing users to easily act on what they are looking at within the post.


Social media listening app Mention

Making sure you keep track of your brand's online reputation is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.  Mention will "create alerts on your company name, your brand, your competitor, be updated in real-time about the most relevant mentions over the web" so you can react accordingly.

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