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Weekly wrap: 15th December 2014

This week we take a look at some major updates to Facebook publishing, new tailored audiences for Twitter and the growth of Instgram. 

Facebook's new publishing tools

Social media managers have been making increasliy louder grumbles about Facebook's declining organic reach lately.  This week's update looks to go some way to placating these complaints.  

The introduction of three tools are intended to help publishers better target and reach their intended audience.

Firstly 'Interest Targeting' allows publishers to target subsets of a their page likes based on specific topics they have shown interest in as shown by the following status update..

Buzzfeed -interest -targeting -orig -sm 

Secondly publishers wil be able to set a 'Post End Date' to post time relevant updates to its followers.  After the prescribed expiry date users will no longer see the update in their News Feed, it will however remain on the publishers Page.

Finally 'Smart Publishing' is a tool "that identifies and publishes stories that are popular with people on Facebook."  Publishers can share links that appear on their followers News Feed without posting them to their Page.  Using the analytics on the Insights page publishers can decide which links they want to post to their Page.


Improved Insights for Facebook

Understanding the need for organisations to be able to "understand and optimize how their content is performing on Facebook", Facebook has improved the insights tools to "show how Pages and social plugins drive traffic to websites."

The new insghts page will include Top URLs, showing when other Pages and influencers share a  post you've made so you can see what may have influenced the amount of reach for that post.

Example -insights



Twitter Introduces Tailored Audiences from Mobile Apps

Twitter has announced it is enabling a way to create a tailored audience based on a mobile app actio such as an Install, Purchase or Sign Up.

The tailoring function is designed to get the best possible ROI by ensuring that people that already have your App are not targeted and the look-alike audience targets an audience most similiar to the users that have installed your App.



Instagram surpasses Twitter

This week saw Instagram surpass Twitter with 300m monthly active users.  Upcoming developments for the Instagram platform include verified accounts and permanently removing spam accounts.  Take a look at our blog post for 'Getting Started On Instagram' for tips to get the most from the photo sharing platform.

Instagram -30m -chart1

YouTube tests inbuilt GIF maker

YouTube has plans for a GIF creator allowing users to quickly create GIFs within the platform.  Users will be able to select up to 5 seconds of video and add text to the top and bottom of the image.

 Screen -Shot -2014-12-12-at -4.57.49-pm

Tumblr introduces new Explore function 

Tumblr has added an 'Explore' button to its users dashboard that suggests posts that may interest them.  The suggestions are based on "Recommended For You" "Staff Picks" and "Trending"

Tumblr _neow 46l BDg 1qz 8q 0ho 2_r 1_1280

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