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Tip 3 from Regan Hall: Digital Marketing for Marketers Workshop

This tip comes from the Creative People's Digital Marketing workshop on the 14th of November 2014, to find out more about upcoming workshops please contact us at


What’s a good open rate percentage? How should my Click Through Rate's (CTR's) look?

These are questions I get asked all the time, so I thought the last tip in this series should cover off some of these metrics so that you can set some benchmarks for your own email marketing programme. As with most digital analytics, there are piles of different stats you can delve into, but for this tip I’ve focussed on the two most important.

Let’s start with Open Rates. We’ve run campaigns that have had over 50% open rates, but this is often for specific information-based campaigns that are very well targeted. e.g. The email you received with the set of tips from Digital Marketing for Marketers will get well over a 50% open rate, because it is highly relevant to the recipients.

In general, for regular eDM’s that have an engaged, opted-in list of recipients, you should be aiming for AT LEAST 20% open rate. Ideally if you can get around 30 - 35% open rate then things are going pretty well. Anything above 40% is extremely good.

One thing to remember is that many email marketing applications determine an ‘open’ to be counted when an image in the email is downloaded. However, if an email browser is set to not download images, then the email could be opened but not registered as such. Confused? You’re not the only one. The thing is, these stats are not an exact science, so we are looking at the trends and how these match up against industry averages.

Another quick bit on Open Rates - your subject line has a HUGE effect on this, so make sure you write something that is compelling and relevant.

Click Through Rate (CTR) - the number of times a link within the email was clicked. This should be one of the primary goals with your email marketing, as it is how you can drive traffic to your website (or social media page etc).

Average CTR’s across the board hover around 3.5%. Remember that is the average, and it’s not hard to beat the average! So my advice is to aim for a MINIMUM of 5% CTR. If you have good content, there is no reason why you can’t be getting 10-20% CTR's. Remember to check which links are getting the most clicks so you can tailor your next campaign to do more of the same.

Good luck with your email marketing and remember, test & measure, test & measure, test & measure! 



Regan Hall from Creative People