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Five for Friday 12th December

Five links for your Friday distraction

Postcard from Chernobyl

Danny Cooke visited Chernobyl earlier this year while working on a story for CBS News.  During his trip he used drone technology to shoot this video of the the landscape that has been deserted for nature to take back.


Polaroid sets release date for Instagram camera

Polaroid has revealed the release date for it's Instagram camera as early next year with pre-order available now.  As well as having the ability to print off polaroids instantly the camera has the option for sharing socially directly from the camera. 

Polaroid -s -instagram -camera -release -date


The future of retail?

Ebay and Rebecca Minkoff have teamed up to demonstrate technology that could be the future of the "Connected Store"


Musical Fix: Latinaoteroa In Latinoamerica

Latinaotearoa is a Latin, Funk, Soul & Jazz outfit from New Zealand with strong ties to South America.  Earlier this year they travelled to Brazil to reocrd their second album "Latinaotearoa In Latinoamerica"

True to today's innovative methods for selling their music they have made the album available direct to the consumer via their Bandcamp site with the option for digital or by purchasing a branded USB pictued below.




Star Wars VII, Wes Anderson Style

Following the release last week of the teaser for the upcoming Star Wars film this video response shows what it could have been like had Wes Anderson been directing it.