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Like Gating Gets the Axe by Facebook

Facebook has taken the axe to the practice of Like Gating in it’s recent policy update.

Like-gating, the technique of requiring users to like a page to be able to access certain content won’t be allowed by Facebook from the 5th of November.

Over the last few years like-gating has been used as an effective way for brands to grow their page likes.   It is often used for requiring a Like However this mandatory Like can contribute to many users liking the page solely for the prize not due to a genuine interest in the brand.

Facebook has explained its change as a motivation for business’ to create more meaningful connections with its fan base.

“To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives” 

This change will require companies to adjust their marketing activities to create more meaningful interactions with it’s fan base.


So how can marketers adjust their Facebook efforts to ensure they maintain effective?

-       Share relevant and engaging content.  Using your understanding of a brand’s fan base share content that matters to them and are likely to want to hear about.  Consider options for creating internal content that appeals to genuine interests fans may have.

-       Use Action-gating. Rewarding a user for a specific action rather than simply liking a page.  By incentivising a user to provide data such as an email could provide the opportunity to create longer lasting communication via retargeting using email.

-       Develop campaigns beyond Facebook to gather feedback, trends and interactions from a wider audience.

-       Asking For A Like. You can still ask people to like your page to receive updates you believe they will be interested in.  The opt-in rather than forced Like is more likely to provide quality connections to an audience that is interested beyond the incentive of a prize.

-       Use Facebook Ads to target fans.  Since the introduction of Facebook advertising, users have had to accept that organic reach has significantly diminished.  A conversion based Facebook campaign however can provide a relatively low cost per like.  These likes represent people with genuine interest in the brand and are more likely to engage opposed to a forced like.


By focusing on connecting to users with a genuine interest in what a company has to say rather than simply attracting users after a prize, marketers can use Facebook to develop a more qualified and hopefully engaged fan base.

Businesses should look to reconsider their strategies for growing its database organically, through the use of engaging content, give-and-get incentives and targeted Facebook advertisements.


What effect do you think this change will have on how you use Facebook?