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Top tips to gain more Pinterest followers

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks of the moment, and it’s still growing, which is why it is so important for businesses to get on and be noticed. But how do you get noticed on Pinterest? Well, gain more followers, of course. Here’s 10 ways to do just that.

#1 Link your Pinterest account to your existing social platforms

Tie -your -Pinterest -account -to -your -exciting -Social -Networks
This is the first step and probably the most important one. You’re probably already on Facebook, Twitter, have a website, and maybe an e-newsletter. You’ve also probably already gained a lot of followers through these networks. It’s easy to simply add a Pinterest button on your existing website, social platforms, or e-newlsetter and let people who already engage with you know you’re on Pinterest.

#2 Pin at least 20 pins a day
Try to pin at least 20 pins a day. And make sure you’re not just putting 20 new pins on one board. Try to pin in as many of your boards as possible. This keeps it interesting for your followers and for people who might want to start following you.

#3 Approve your board naming structure

3-Approving -your -board -naming -structure
Make sure you’re giving your boards the right name. Make them fun and easy to understand.

#4 Pin original posts as well as re-pinning others’ content
Research has shown that 80 per cent of the pins on Pinterest are re-pins. This means only 20 per cent are actually original. So make sure you pin original content and stand out from the crowd! It’s important to re-pin as well, but a good mix of both is ideal.

#5 Follow other pinners
Follow -other -pinners

This is an easy way to gain followers. Look at who is re-pinning your pins or who has started following you. Thank them by following them or following them back.

#6 Comment on pins

Comment on popular pins that are relevant to you and your audience. This is a good way to add to your followers, especially if the pinners also commenting on a particular pin aren’t already following you. By leaving a comment on others’ pins, it is likely that pinner, and those who also commented on it, will look at your boards. If they see something they like, chances are, they’ll start following you.

#7 Join group boards

7-Join -group -boards
Pinterest has a function that allows multiple pinners to pin on one board. By joining one of these boards and pinning regularly, it’s likely you’ll add to your followers. The logo above signals a group board.

#8 Make sure people can pin the images from your website
Make sure it’s easy to pin the images from your website. Once people start pinning images from your website, find them and thank them for pinning. To see who’s pinning from your site, go to:[yoursitehere]. Make sure to drop the http:// and www and just use your domain name.

#9 Use quality pictures

Use -quality -pictures
Pinterest is all about images. So make sure the pictures you pin are of good quality and interesting.

#10 Clean your Pinterest Boards
Clean up your Pinterest boards once in a while. Change the cover photos, rearrange the boards, and try to keep adding more boards. Continually update your page and ensure its always a joy to look at.