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Facebook marketing tactics any business can use

They are used by the big brands and we know they work. But they’re not just useful for the big brands. Businesses of any size can capitalise on these classic Facebook marketing strategies. Here’s five of the easiest Facebook tips to make the most of:

Use major holidays and events

This Starbucks campaign was posted on Valentines Day. It received more than 26,000 likes.  
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The golden rule: 70/20/10

There’s nothing worse than sending your followers scrolls and scrolls of self-promotional content. That’s where the golden rule comes in. Seventy per cent of your content should be interesting information, i.e. information that is useful to your fan base. Twenty per cent should be content shared from other sources. This could be posts by others that are relevant to your audience, a link to an interesting blog, or something newsworthy that relates to your brand. The remaining ten per cent is self-promotional content. Stick to this rule and you should be providing your fans with an interesting and diverse social platform.

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Where’s the silly?

Skittles are all about silliness. It’s part of their strategy. This doesn’t work for all brands, but if humour is in line with your brand, why not use it?

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Talk, talk, talk.

Use Facebook to provide great customer service and interact with your customers. Dove’s page admins consistently do this well.

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Use the seasons

Like big public holidays or events, the seasons are worth capitalising on too. Starbucks does this well. They capture the essence of the season in their digital strategy. With coffee, like many other products, people’s choices are likely to be linked to the seasons. So use them. Here, Starbucks posts mid-Autumn.

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