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Social media: driving sales and increasing engagement

If you’re wondering why your fans or followers aren’t engaging with your business on social media platforms, here’s a few tips to increase engagement and drive sales.


Slowly does it

If you’re in the early stages of developing your business’s presence on social media platforms, the key is not to jump the gun too early.

Engaging slowly with people you would like to connect with is the best way to start. It is clear from widespread research that people become more comfortable and engaged with an online business the more they ‘see’ it. So this may mean commenting on a blog post, re-tweeting someone else’s content, or simply providing useful and timely content through your social media platform.

If you’re just starting, this sort of approach can also be a great way to build trust in your business and your brand.


The 70-20-10 rule 

A good way to plan your social media strategy is following the 70-20-10 rule. This means 70 per cent of your content should be interesting and relevant information for your fans or followers; 20 per cent should shared content, or content from other people; and, 10 per cent should be promotional. Here, Clinique provides a quick and informative guide to applying one of their latest products

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And here, Palmers shares someone else’s post, and advertises a sale on Facebook, showing a good mix of content.

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Reaching out

Networking is essential to build relationships with potential customers, and is especially vital within the realms of social media. Connecting with people you want to know about your brand in thoughtful ways is a good way to start.

For example, re-tweeting a post that is relevant to your business, or commenting on others’ content. These sorts of actions encourage people to visit your page, and engage with your business.


Currency is golden

Keeping your content current is an absolute priority. When people visit your page, they need to be able to easily find relevant information about your business. Coming across out-of-date content can be immediately harmful; potential fans or followers may see this as a reason to go elsewhere.

It may be worth putting a repeat reminder in your calendar to set aside time every few months to ensure details about your business, and content, on your social platforms are relevant. It’s easily forgotten but vitally important if you’re aiming to maximise your social media sales.


Call to action

Using a simple call to action is one way to get your followers engaging. For example, tweeting ‘Get 10 per cent off this week only when you mention this tweet in store’ is a way to get people moving.

Here’s Palmers using a call to action.

Screen -Shot -2013-09-22-at -7.55.21-PM-300x 192

The time is now

Urgency works well on social platforms. It can grab people’s attention and encourage them to act. Offering a deal to the next 30 people who share or like a post is one way to do this.



Offering your fans or followers deals exclusively available on a particular platform is another way to encourage engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Clarins has a ‘fans exclusive’ app on Facebook.

Screen -Shot -2013-09-22-at -8.24.34-PM-300x 98


Introducing a deal

Using your page’s cover image to showcase a promotion or product is another way to generate interest. Here, Clinique introduces their latest product via their Facebook cover image.

Screen -Shot -2013-09-22-at -7.45.55-PM-300x 173


How are you using social media to generate sales? Have you tried any of these tips?