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Smart mums: the rise of the mobile mother

As smart phone use surges worldwide, one particular cohort is using their mobile devices more than ever.

We’ve compiled a few interesting facts and figures about ‘smart mums’ that may be worth a read if you’re targeting this cohort.

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According to a recent survey by United States parenting website BabyCenter, 87 per cent of the 3,000 mothers surveyed owned and used a smart phone, with 46 per cent stating they were addicted to their device.

A whopping 96 per cent of these smart phone users had the Facebook app downloaded.

While 81 per cent said they used their smart phone to help organise their day, the other top ranked activities were:

  • Banking – 60 per cent
  • Kids’ apps – 52 per cent
  • Social media – 64 per cent
  • Searching for information – 88 per cent
  • Shopping 63 per cent

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Many were so attached to their device that they slept next to it. Sixty nine per cent said they loved their smart phone, and 46 per cent said they were addicted to it.

The mothers surveyed said they checked their phone:

  • While on the go – 96 per cent
  • While shopping – 95 per cent
  • When watching television – 94 per cent
  • In the car – 94 per cent
  • In the kitchen – 91 per cent
  • In the bathroom – 80 per cent

Interestingly, 58 per cent of respondents said they used their smart phone to check emails, but 57 per cent preferred to use their laptop to write and respond to emails.

So if you’re targeting this cohort of savvy mums, it’s worth thinking about the ways they might engage with your digital marketing, website, and social media platforms.

An August 2013 study by Constant Contact, found 80 per cent of smart phone users said it was extremely important to read emails on their smart phones, while 75 per cent said they were highly likely to delete an email if it couldn’t be read on their smart phone.

The study found, of the participants aged 18 to 30, 88 per cent opened emails on a mobile device, and more than half said their smart phone was the primary device used for accessing email.

For those aged 30 to 39, 85 per cent opened emails on a mobile device, and 48 per cent said their smart phone was the primary way they opened emails.

The Constant Contact study also found nearly 80 per cent of respondents were likely to reopen an email on a laptop or desktop after first viewing it on their mobile, and 49 per cent said they were likely to click on links in emails from businesses that they opened on their mobile devices.