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November 14, 2013 - Regan Hall
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Digital marketing tips for Christmas

It seems far too early, and invokes a small sense of panic at the speed the year has flown by, but it’s time to mention the C-word.

Yes, it’s only a measly ten weeks until Christmas. So it seemed an opportune time to have a look at some great ways to use those festive emails and promotions in the best way possible.

Here are a few tips to make the most of the fast-approaching holiday season in your digital strategy:

History repeats

It’s probably worth looking back at what your digital strategy looked like this time last year and asking some questions:

  • Were there any standout successes, i.e. a promotional offer that attracted particular attention?
  • How did your customers respond to Christmas emails or marketing programmes last year?
  • Did a certain product or service perform better than others, and across what channels? 


Remember, you aren’t the only one orchestrating a Christmas marketing campaign so some originality won’t go amiss. Sending out an email with falling snowflakes may not be enough to get the attention of your customers. If you can personalise your Christmas emails in any way, such as using someone’s first name, or providing an offer based on their recent spending with your business, that is always positive. Including an incentive to purchase, such as a limited time offer, free postage if purchased within a certain time, or offering a free gift or voucher with a purchase of a certain amount are other ideas that can work well as people are bombarded with offers and promotions in the lead up to Christmas. 


Teaming up with a business that isn’t in competition with yours may be a great way to offer your customers something different. For example, teeing up a partnership with an alcohol retailer to offer your customers a festive package might be a good way to mix it up and stand out from the crowd.

Provide something useful

At the busiest time of the year, it can also work well to just send out a thank you, with a Christmas recipe or some tips for summer planting, or great holiday spots. Ask your recipients to share their snaps of the baking/plants/beaches on one of your social media platforms to go in the draw to win a prize. Although this isn’t as assertive as a limited time offer or other promotion, it can work a charm and boost digital engagement with your business.

Price guide

Often people have an idea of a price in mind for each gift when they embark on Christmas shopping for family and friends. One way to make it easy for your customers is by including gifts categorised by price in festive marketing, especially emails. Another may be categorising by type, i.e. teenage boys, boys, dad.

Last minute

There’s no reason to stop offering promotions via email or a digital platform just because it’s the night before Christmas. According to UK data, 84 million visits were made to online retailers on Christmas Eve 2012, and 107 million on Christmas Day. Offering in-store pick up options or last minute gift alternatives such as a voucher may be successful for these shoppers.

Have you got any ideas about making the most of your digital strategy in the lead up to Christmas? Let us know what you think works best.