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Auto Awesome on Google+

Google+ launched a new feature last month, Auto Awesome Movie, which allows users to easily create movies out of photos and videos they have uploaded.

Designed to create a movie clip of images and video taken at a single event, the function automatically adds music, filters, and enhances still shots, transferring them into a clip that can easily be shared on Google+.

The movie feature makes up part of a host of new functions Google announced last month including an eraser feature that allows users to easily remove unwanted people or objects from images, an action function that transforms a series of still shots of someone moving, for example running, jumping or dancing, into a single image that captures the entire movement into one shot.

The Pano feature will transform a series of overlapping landscape images into one panoramic shot, while the Smile feature will choose the best shots of each person from a series of photos and merge them into one image.

Auto Awesome movies can be created from the Google Photos app for Android, and is on by default.

Google+ also announced enhancements to its ‘Hangouts’ feature last month, which allows users to use its free video conference function from Google+.

More information about the changes is available here.