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May 14, 2013 - Mandy
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New in Social Media; Facebook Home

Facebook Home is the new App, or more than an app, created by Facebook. After a year of speculation about a new Facebook phone, they finally launched the new product less than two weeks ago, except it isn’t a phone. Facebook Home is a new launcher for phones currently only running on android. When they launched the app it would only be available on six of the android phones, but of course hours after the launch a hacker released a version that can run on every android phone or tablet. You will simply need to run through the following steps;

  • Uninstall the original Facebook, Facebook messenger and Facebook home apps. If Facebook is pre-installed then you probably need root to remove it.
  • Extract the rar file and place it on the SD card of the Android along with the Facebook Messenger apk file.
  • Download the Facebook and Facebook Home apk (.rar file), Facebook Messenger apk files.
  • Using a suitable file manager, install com.facebook.katana (FB app), then com.facebook.home (Home app).
  • Next install com.facebook.orca.apk (Messenger app).
  • Enable Facebook Home under Facebook app settings.
  • Wipe the dalvik cache.
  • Reboot. Enjoy the Facebook Home launcher !


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But what exactly does the app do?
Facebook home will have a cover feed meaning you will only need to glance at you phone to see the latest updates from you friends. This means that as soon as you turn on your phone your screen will be filled with you friends updates. You will also get notifications about all the calls events, or Facebook messages you’re getting. You can just swipe away the stuff you don’t need and leave the stuff you do as reminders.


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You will also be able to send and receive texts and Facebook messages all in one place. You can just jump in and out of conversations while you’re using different apps like watching videos or playing a game.


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And last but definitely not least Facebook created the app launch. This way you can choose what goes where and you will be able to list all of your apps, drag your favorite to the app launcher and you can quickly get what you need.

It’s a shame you can only use the app on android for know. But the question is, do you even want to download the app? It does make everything easier but is it worth risking your privacy? Once you install the app it’s almost certain Facebook can follow your every move.