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Amazing scrolling websites

There are many ways you can use scrolling in your website. We’ve collected a few sites which used scrolling in a very creative way. Enjoy. 


Every Last Eye Drop
Every last eye drop is a parallex scrolling site designed by Animation studio Nice & Serious. It’s a fun way of showing the people how much water we waste in our everyday life. 

Everylastdrop -300x 218

Jason Kenny
Jason Kenny has an amazing scrolling website developed by Fiasco Design. They decided to only
create one page and they also used the parallel scrolling technique.

Jasonkenny -300x 218

Dangers of Fracking 
Dangers of Fracking is kind of the same as Every Last Eye Drop. By parallel scrolling they show you the dangers of Fracking. It very similar to an infographic.

Dangersoffract -300x 218

Bagigia is both a hot water bottle as well as a bag. They show you the story of Bagigia using this really well executed scrolling website.

Bagigia -300x 218

Too Young to Wed 
Too young to wed is a beautiful example of a scrolling website that really drags you into the story. They used really impressive pictures to show you the story of children too young to wed.

Tooyoungtowed 1-300x 218

Head to Heart
Head to Heart is a good example of a scrolling website not going horizontal but vertical. It shows you the story of children becoming a victim to child trafficking around the world.

Headtoheart -300x 218

Paranorman is another very well executed example of vertical scrolling. Only here you can scroll with your mouse instead of clicking the arrows.

Paranorman -300x 218

Madwell is a Design and Development agency. They use parallel scrolling as well as a lot of 3D images.

Madwell -300x 218

Nintendo Mario Kart 
Nintendo launched a really smooth vertical scrolling site to help support the new video game for the wii. The style of the site is just like the style of the video game.

Mariokart -300x 218

World’s Highest Website
The title gives it away. This is the world’s highest website. The website is no less than 19 kilometers long. So if you have some time, scroll away.

Highestwebsite -300x 218


As you can see there are a lot of amazing examples of scrolling sites. We only selected a few of them. What do you think of the scrolling sites?