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New trend in the design world; Flat Design

Flat design is definitely a growing trend in web and UI design lately. It all started with the trend skeuomorphism; this is a design feature that is carried forth from the original version of a product to make people feel comfortable with the new device.  Find two examples below,

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What is Flat Design
Lately there is definitely a shift noticeable from skeumorphism to flat design. But what is Flat Design exactly? Flat design is all about keeping it simple, leaving all the 3-dimensional faux-realistic textures & real object characteristics behind. A great example of flat design is the design of windows 8 (example in the featured image of this blog post).

Microsoft was one of the first brands to apply flat design. They kept it clean & simple. They also used bright colors & flat illustrations and that’s what flat design is all about. In flat design everything that doesn’t have a purpose is left out. This way only the necessary stuff remains and there are no distractions for the user.  It is a very simple and clean design with no exciting 3-demensional graphic designs however this doesn’t mean flat design is boring. Below we collected a few examples.


Examples of Flat Design

#1 Facebook



#2 Vine



#3 Layervault



#4 Lorenzo Verzini

Lorenzo -Verzini


#5 Rdio



What do you think of Flat Design, is it a trend to keep?