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Most Impressive Print Ads

Altough you may think print ads are becoming less important in the digital world we’re living in, print ads are as important as ever and we collected 10 of our favorite examples.


Bio Energy Nutrition

Cholestop _saw -300x 212

Bio Energy chose for a really horrifying campaign showing characters from horror movies in their print ads. The characters are sculptured out of the spread. They wanted to raise awareness about the effects of high cholesterol.


Jim Rickey

50624_Honkey Kong _6-300x 199

Christian Asland shot this print advertisement campaign for sneaker brand Jim Rickey. They photographed the campaign in Hong Kong and shot the models in awkward positions. By using a telelens he made it look like a really flat environment just like in the old video games.



Le -wifi -gratuit -chez -brucciani -6079926

Coffee compagny Brucciani ran a brilliant wifi campaign showing their guests they too had wifi available in their cafe’s.


B&B Hostel

022-300x 225

Publicis created awesome ads for B&B Hostels. Instead of the normal boring ad campaigns for hostels, they created something new and exciting. A feast for the eyes.


Panasonic 3D TV

Panasonic -3D-TV-advert -1

Panasonic found a really interesting way of showing of their new 3D television. Putting events on the television into your living room in a clever and funny way, get back into the TV. The details in this ad are amazing.


Zoo Safari

Zoo Gorilla -300x 199

Zoo Safari found a good way to show people the feel of their safari tour. The campaign was named blend in and the pictures show this perfectly. The campaign also features a lion and a tiger.


Pizza Love

Tumblr _m 8ycz 3Psyx 1rp 9lbfo 1_500

Pizza love uses only ECO friendly pizza boxes. They wanted to show that through this campaign. The execution of this campaign is perfect, showing the world as a pizza, even the peace sign in the bottom represents a pizza.



Lego _imagine2

On of my favorites is the Lego campaign. Ti’s maybe the most simple one but that’s what I love about this campaign, use your imagination and play.



Print -ads 22

Delifrance ran this great campaign about the comfort of baking at home. They show it by using a baguette in the shape of slippers. This can symbolize the softness of the baguette as well as the comfort of baking at home.

As you can see there are a lot of amazing print advertisements out here. Which one do you like best?