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March 10, 2013 - Mandy
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Gadgets you should watch in 2013

The CES (consumer electronics show, Las Vegas) of 2013 has come and gone around a month ago. Out of all the good the bad and the ugly we collected some of the items that really caught our eye.


Google Glasses


While the expected release date for the Google glasses was 2014, Google has made an announcement now that they will release an ‘explorer’ edition later this year. The price of the glass will be around $1.500.

They also released a website featuring a video that lets you experience a day through the glasses. Google glasses will have the following features: you can take pictures, record what you see hands free, share what you see live, get directions right in front of you, speak to send a message, ask what’s on your mind and much more. Google glasses will work htrough your voice input and output.

Voice input and output hasn’t worked very well so far and isn’t working as good as it should now – will Google make it happen in time?


Apple IWatch

Apple -Smart -Watch     Apple -iwatch -on -wrist -4

Lately Apple is working on a wearable computer for the wrist. The expected release date of the watch might be this year.

Apple is working on the watch with a team of 100 people working under Jonathan Ive. The IWatch will run on a version of Apple’s IOS and the watch will also have features similar to a smart phone. Apple is aiming to have the watch last for at least four days without being charged.


Sony OLAD 4K

Sonyoled 134md -1357611616

Sony teased us on the CES 2013 with a new OLAD 4K television. They put both OLED and 4k into one 56 inch panel. The prototype offers 3840 by 2160 ultra led revolution on a 56 inch LED display.

It’s expected to cost as much as a new home since the existing 4K hdtv costs around US$25,000. For now they only have a prototype. The release date has yet to be announced.



Apple -TV-prototype -macworld -australia

With all the rumors about a new Apple Tv in the making, we couldn’t exclude this one from the list.

In 2012 Apple CEO Tim Cook already hinted something about re-designing the television. And now according to all the rumors, they are really planning to. Apple doesn’t only want you to buy their box for under the television, they want you to buy the whole set at Apple. How and when they are planning to release it, we’re not sure yet. Some people say the ‘ITv’ will be released the last semester of this year, some say in the beginning of 2014. We think somewhere around 2014, with an IWatch on the way and maybe an Iphone 5s (which we discuss later) they have enough on their plate.


Sony Xperia Z

Xperia -z -white -1240x 840-8ff 005dc 9465d 780126a 15f 59efcc 7bc -opt

The Sony Xperia Z is one of the most advanced smart phones on the market right now. They were falling behind the other phones but with this new model on the market they’re finally catching up. The Sony Xperia Z has the following amazing features; hdr video camera, 13 mega pixel camera, pro quad processor, it’s water resistant and much more. It comes in the colors; black, white and purple. As of this year the Sony Xperia Z is on the market.


iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5 has just arrived on the market and there are already rumors about an iPhone 5s. This new iPhone will probably be released somewhere around August. The iPhone 5s will have the same design as the previous one but will have a better processor and a better camera. There are some rumors about releasing a cheaper iPhone around that time too.

These are the gadgets we like and find inspiring. Which ones do you find most interesting?