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Apps you should use in 2013

In 2013, apps are becoming an bigger part of daily life for most of us. Everybody is using them on their phones, tablets and computers. So here are a few Apps you should be using in 2013.




Remember having a great idea, writing it down but losing the note? Well Evernote helps you with exactly that problem. Evernote is the perfect app to collect all of your notes and ideas. You can capture everything and access it anywhere.



With dropbox you will not have to carry around a USB any longer. You can simply put it all on your dropbox account and can access it through all of your devices. You can even make group folders for work or friends. This way you can share all the important documents and photos immediately.




Asana is the perfect task management app for teams and individuals. You can fallow all your tasks from all your different programs and teams. It’s easy to connect trough Asana.



Trello _party

Trello is the perfect tool for keeping track of everything you do, from large scale projects to simple to-dos. It’s the ideal app for team projects.



Buffer is perfect for managing your social media all from under one place. You can schedule all of your social media updates and share them throughout the day.


These are a few Apps we can’t imagine living without in 2013, which apps do you prefer?